First Post.

Never blogged before. My goal here has been sparked by things I have seen and heard over a lifetime. If you’re looking for some fruity garbage, look elsewhere. If you want to think and read the ravings of a sarcastic lunatic, look here. Probably something about me before I begin. I am Riley, a 5’1 teenage girl, rather cynical. I have some sort of sickness, nobody knows what it is yet. Cross your fingers I suppose. My toes are currently freezing and it feels like something is rubbing a spiked ball on my insides. I just had my first valentine, and took my sleeping pill, so this could be interesting.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is cruelty, mainly to animals. I’m sure there are plenty of “Ooh, save the cute Koalas!” girls on here, but I’m talking about everything. Simply because something lacks opposable thumbs and does not speak our language does not mean that it is stupid and lacks feeling. Few people are willing to face the truths of what happens in our world. I remember, when I was little (er), reading about a dog who had had her hip peeled of skin by scientists, acid poured into it to see what would happen, then buried alive. She was saved by nearby people who heard her screams as she started to die. Even children are cruel. They don’t know better, and apparently their caregivers do not either. When I was in horseback lessons, some girls found a mouse, eewed, then proceeded to toss it up and down on a rake until its back snapped, as they giggled. I wanted to save it but it died when I tried to move it, I was too young to understand. But I did understand what I had seen. A person is a person, no matter how small…

The sweet puppy you see in the pet shop probably came from a puppy mill, where dogs are forced to breed continually until they perish from exhaustion, wallowing in their own waste, and beign cramped into intolerable positions. If you don’t believe me, you can even Google image it; it is not censored. Rabbits are treated the same way, experimented on pointlessly and bred for their silky fur, which some idiot will then buy at rediculous cost and wear proudly. Go wear a few human scalps, and see how chic you feel. Because that is basically what people put on their bodies and display. Granted, we need leather, and meat, and fur, but not nearly as much as we did before we got stupid. There’s this wonderful thing called fabric, made from plants. Wear it. The end.

Hm, one last thing. Go to, and tell me all humans are righteous.

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